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kiss, stroke, grip

Glass plates: ambrotype, acrylic polymer, thermochromic pigment; print rails, warming shelf. Printed 2016.

kiss, stroke, grip is a collection of images depicting actors who died from AIDS related complications. Transformed from porn stars into legends as a result of their deaths, the performers continue to live as hours of footage preserved within a vast and disorganized archive. These ephemeral beings are designed for consumption and only recalled when needed. For a moment, their highly stigmatized bodies are embraced.

A single film still was selected from each actor’s filmography and printed on black stained glass using wet plate collodion. The resulting ambrotypes were hidden underneath a coating of thermochromic pigment that appears black at room temperature. With the introduction of heat, the pigment becomes transparent, thereby revealing the image hidden below. In addition to using the heated platform, viewers are encouraged to touch, embrace, rub, or breathe on the plate’s surface. However, once the heat source is removed the image will slowly fade away as the plate cools.


I know you’ve done everything you could for me, and I love you for it.

Just Blonds (1979)




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Thermochromic pigment
Pigment type: Leuco dye
Activation temperature (loss of color): 86°F
Product Name: Thermal Dust – Black